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Gray out fields in a grid using classes using people code

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Hi!Can Any One tell me how to gray out grid fields using people code.i want to use rowset,rowclasses,etc..

Here's my code.but it is graying only the first row not all rows..Can u solve this to gray out all the grid fields..

Local Rowset &Level0_rs, &Level1_rs;
Local Row &Level0_row, &Level1_row;
Local Field &Level0_fld0, &Level1_fld1, &Level1_fld2;

&Level1_rs = GetLevel0();
&Level0_row = &Level1_rs.GetRow(1);
&Level0_fld0 = &Level0_row.GetRecord(Record.ERPA_AK_CUS1).GetField(Field.ERPA_AK_ORDRSTATUS);
&Level1_rs = &Level0_row.GetRowset(Scroll.ERPA_AK_CUS31);
For &I = 1 To &Level1_rs.ActiveRowCount
   &Level1_row = &Level1_rs(&I);
   &Level1_fld1 = &Level1_row.GetRecord(Record.ERPA_AK_CUS31).GetField(Field.ERPA_AK_ITEM);
   &Level1_fld2 = &Level1_row.GetRecord(Record.ERPA_AK_CUS31).GetField(Field.ERPA_AK_NUMITEMS);
   If &Level0_fld0.Value = "S" Then
      Gray(Record.ERPA_AK_CUS31, CurrentRowNumber(), ERPA_AK_CUS31.ERPA_AK_ITEM);
      Gray(Record.ERPA_AK_CUS31, CurrentRowNumber(), ERPA_AK_CUS31.ERPA_AK_NUMITEMS);

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Re: Gray out fields in a grid using classes using people code

I think you need to replace CurrentRowNumber() with &I. Did you try that?

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