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Getting Nosucess when runing appengine

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when I am running Appengine it is going to No success and throwing the following error.

SQL error. Stmt #: 1604 Error Position: 0 Return: 8602 - [ IBM][CLI Driver] CLI0165E Err or in row. SQLSTATE=01S01 [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2] SQL0138 N The second or third argumen t of the SUBSTR function is ou t of range. SQLSTATE=22011 (SQLSTATE 22011) -138

Along with the error it is showing the Step name as

SELECT V.OPRID , V.OP2 FROM ( SELECT B.OPRID , CASE WHEN LEN GTH(rtrim(Substr ( , loc ate( ',' ,A.NAME) + 1)) || ' ' || RTRIM(Substr( , 1 , (locate( ',' ,A.NAME) - 1)))) > 30 THEN substr( rtrim(Substr ( , locate( ',' ,A.NAME ) + 1 ,(LENGTH( - LENGT

while i tried to run the same SQL it was working fine

Can anybody suggest me about how to proceed further on this issue?


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Re: Getting Nosucess when runing appengine

Hi Kishore,

I hope you are passing wrong param to substr .

senthil Kumar K