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FTP Procees through SQR

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Hi All,

I have one issue in the SQR where it will creates the employee_details.txt output file ,this file i need to send to Different server with Encryption.
we are Using, call system command in the SQR for this to Execute
we will create all the FTP related command in .batch file and call this batch file in the SQR
Here my Question we are using PGP Command for encryption ,can any one explain me the Below command ,Iam new to PGP commands.I have idea on FTP process.
customer has sent me their Public Key and Fingerprint.txt file
Where i have to use the Public Key in the Below command and Fingerprint?
pgp +force -et Employee_test.txt "wsca" -z cservergroup
what is(-Z ) and what is CSERVERGROUP? in the abovecode
this is an Urgent requirement,Please explain me,if any one Know's Sequnce order flow of PGP command.

Thanks in advance