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Find message references!

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Hey Compshack,

Here I am again....Is there any way to find out under what peoplecode a message is being referenced by using it's message set nbr and message nbr?

Currently.....I add a few component and record peoplecode under which I assume the message to be called from within a project and then do a Edit -> Find in.....

Just wondering if there could be a better way.....doing an entire database search would yield the result for sure.....but it damn well takes too much time! :(

Any better ideas buddy!


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Re: Find message references!

Hey Danny

doing an entire database search would yield the result for sure

For message catalogs, i'm afraid this is the only way. Just let the search go on the entire database and go have cup of coffee. The cool thing is once the search is done, you can right click in the "find references" area (at the very bottom of your screen) and choose insert into project.

This will insert all the objects found into your project! Great application designer feature.

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