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fetching message text from message catalog in SQR

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I need to fetch message text from message catalog using an sqr,

using the peopletool table psmsgcatdefn, i am able to fetch the message text, but i dont know how to pass the parameters, as a result the message text is obtained with bind symbol
ex: Translate value not found in %1 table.

Is there any other method where we can pass the parameters as well to fetch the message text using sql as in peoplecode using function getmsgtext(setnumber,msgnumber,&parameter1,&parameter2..)???

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Re: fetching message text from message catalog in SQR

PeopleCode getmsgtext is just a function delivered by PeopleSoft. So, you can create your own SQR function/procedure that does just what the getmsgtext does!

You said you are able to get the text so now all what you need to do is replace the %1 with your value. The below code will do the trick:

   let $yourMessage = Replace($yourMessage , '%1', $value1)
   let $yourMessage = Replace($yourMessage , '%2', $value2)
   let $yourMessage = Replace($yourMessage , '%3', $value3)

Good luck!

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