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ExceltoCI warning - CI_JOB_DATA

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We are looking at creating a process to load retiree pay changes via AppEngine/CI PCode... using the CI_JOB_DATA Component Interface in PeopleSoft HRMS. However, we execute the ExceltoCI in an attempt to populate the CI, we receive the following warning: 'Pay Rate Action is chosen and Pay Rate has not been changed on effdt given.' I believe this warning is being generated b/c we are not programmatically 'clicking' the calculate compensation button. Any ideas/or suggestions??? Also, the data on the compensation tab is not being updated.

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Re: ExceltoCI warning - CI_JOB_DATA

Hi - The warning ('Pay Rate Action is chosen and Pay Rate has not been changed on effdt given.') you are getting this because you are trying to upload/correct job effdt row with action Pay rate change without adding /updating the compensation, its a delivered functionality with Peoplesoft , system warns you that u have a pay rate change row but have not changed the exiting compensation for that row.