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Excel to Component Interface Utility

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Hi all,

I need some information in Excel to CI.
1.In case of error of error in uploading any of the rows to staging table,no row should get updated and the error row should get highlited in the excel.
2.Can we validate the Unsigned number fields while submitting the record to staging table through CI?

Any help will be good......


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Re: Excel to Component Interface Utility

Here is what you can do regarding your 1st queston. On the "Connect Information" tab there are tow fields are the very end (Chunking Factor and Error Threshold). To achieve what you want, you need to set both fields to the number 1. Chuncking Factor defines the number of rows to be submitted to the database at one time. And the Error Threshold field specifies the total number of errors that are permitted. When the error threshold is exceeded, submission to the database stops.

Now on the Staging & Submission sheet each row submitted is marked with the reply from the database which will either be OK, Warning, or Error.

Hope this helps!

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Tara (not verified)
Excel to Component Interface Utility - CI_JOB_DATA

We are looking at creating a process to load retiree pay changes via AppEngine/CI PCode... using the CI_JOB_DATA Component Interface. However, we execute the ExceltoCI in an attempt to populate the CI, we receive the following warning: 'Pay Rate Action is chosen and Pay Rate has not been changed on
effdt given.' I believe this warning is being generated b/c we are not programmatically 'clicking' the calculate compensation button. Any ideas/or suggestions??? Also, the data on the compensation tab is not being updated.

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Re: Excel to Component Interface Utility

Priyanshu - for part #2, you will need to add that edit to the proper Peoplecode event (I'm guessing FieldEdit) on the record which the CI is processing. I am surprised that such an edit is not already in place, actually...if you need such editing for CI processing, I would assume that you also need it for normal Online page processing.

Tara - sounds like you have some Peoplecode logic that is firing, which should be bypassed if it is called by a CI. At my former company, we used to indicate this by declaring a Global (or possibly Component) boolean variable. &bCI, which was set to True by the CI/AE Peoplecode at the beginning of CI processing, and set to False at the end of such processing. Then we used this variable to wrap around code we wanted to isolate and/or bypass for CI processing.

For example:

If not &bCI Then