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Excel to CI

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We are trying to use Excel to CI to load data. The CI has 2 levels with level 1 being effective dates.

The requirement is to load data as is. But we realized, that for certain fields values from the previous row are carrying over. we want those fields to be blank.
How can we prevent the default from being carried over ? ( we want this carry over behaviour to be disabled and just want the values in the data entry sheet to be used.

Is this doable ?

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Re: Excel to CI

Do you get the same type of behavior when you enter data online? If so, then are these record defaults? If they are then the only way around it is by writing some PeopleCode to handle the value of the fields if the data is being entered through a Component Interface. There is a PeopleCode built-in function that will prevent the code from firing if it is not called from a CI. I think the function is %CompIntfcName.

Also, instead of not sending any values from the Excel to CI for those fields, try sending like a "Blank" for character fields and zero for number type fields.

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Re: Excel to CI

The values are not defaults. But values copied from the previous row.

I will try with blanks..