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Employee Request termination

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Hi ,
There is one option in PS (FOR USF) where employee can request their termination.Component name is FG_EE_TERMINATION.USF.

What is the process or cycle for this means once employee is requesting the termination,who is approving or what is the follwing process.

I have searched in functional peoplebook .But didnt get proper information.

And the major issue is three fields are threre in the page.Effective date ,reason and reason code.Reason and reason code are getting value from prompt tables .But in page nothing is getting populated in those two fields,though those two prompt tables are containing value as checked through backend.

we are using global set it because of that?

Kindly help.


Warm Regards,

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Re: Employee Request termination

Is it a prompt or a drop down? I tested the page and values appear ok. I'm guessing there is some kind of workflow behind the component/page. Have you tried looking at the code firing after the submission? If it is hard to spot, you can run trace while you are submitting the request and troubleshoot it that way.

Sorry for not being very helpful but we currently don't use that page in our system. Let us know how it goes and good luck!

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