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Distributing Report

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I understand that to make reports generated by another oprid visible to other users, the following needs to be done:

1. In the distribution of the report, include the role whose members should be able to view the report.

2. Grant access to the Report Manager component to the users. ( Dont remember the exact role. Super..... )

However, there is a requirement to actually run the report so that these setting get saved.

Which this is feasible in development, it would not be acceptable in production.

Can you share how this can be accomplished ? Maybe access some peopletools table which stores these values and export and import out those values.

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Re: Distributing Report

Hi there,

We don't use the Report Manager as often as we should at my current job but accomplishing what you need could be done on the Notification tab at the Process Definitions setup. Just navigate to Process Scheduler Manager > Process Definitions, search by your process name and click on the Notification tab (last tab). There you can see the option to distribute by User ID or Role name, Enter your values, save and your done.

Now when you migrate your Process Definition, it will be all setup and ready in your production environment.

Note: I have never had to do this before, so please let us know if this is all what it takes!

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Re: Distributing Report

That might not work as the same report is run with different parameters for different set of users. and we do not want one set of users to see the report belonging to another set of users.

Is that doable in your suggestions?

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Re: Distributing Report

If you are triggering the Report from PeopleCode using function CreateProcessRequest, then you can use the method AddDistributionOption() of the Process Request class to distribute the report to a user or role.

Distribution authorizations are stored in the table PS_CDM_AUTH. You can have a look at it.