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diffrence between Prompt table and Translate tabel

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Hi all,

can any one tell me the diffrence between prompt table and translate table.
i know thefew diffrence like translate table is universal table and effective dated .and it allows field length of 4 charecters
apart from these difference can any one emplain me with example
in which situation whre we can choose prompt and in which situation we can go for tanslate table?

Thanks in advance

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Re: diffrence between Prompt table and Translate tabel

There are few differences between Translate tables and prompt tables

1. There can be only 30 entries in a translate table. Where as prompt
table can have n number of entries.

2. Translates are like codesets. They are stored in PSXLATTBL and
they are normally used for dropdowns which are kind of static (e.g.
value of a field High, Low, Medium). Drop down tables are used for
drop down values which are kind of transactional for e.g. employee
names or departments etc. That kind of data is transactional and it
changes more often then translates.