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Difference Between Properties and Collection

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I am just wondering what is the difference between properties and collection in Component Interface. What are the scenarios to use collection/ Properties in Component Interface.

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Re: Difference Between Properties and Collection

There are two different type of Properties, Standard Properties and User-defined Properties.

Standard properties are assigned automatically when the CI is created and can be set to true or false. Examples include InteractiveMode, GetHistoryItems, and EditHistoryItems.

User-defined properties map to record fields on the component. You have control over which user-defined properties are included in the component interface.

Collections are a special type of property that corresponds to a scroll. They contains fields and subordinate scrolls as defined in the underlying component. By default, each collection carries the name of the underlying scroll's primary record.

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Re: Difference Between Properties and Collection

what my understanding is we can have useer defined methods but i have no clue on user defined properties.......

A properties is a pointer to fields. we can add fields to the CI.
A collection is a property that points to a scroll