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Defaulting of prompt vales in PeopleSoft pages

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My component X does not have a search page. It has a field which has a prompt attached.
Once I click on the prompt, a search page opens on which 3 keys ans 3 alternate search keys open.
I want to default the value of one of these search keys to "abc" (existing value for this field).

1) Default the value on the record field properties of this record. Tries this bus does not work. Even after setting this, the prompt table field does not get defaulted on the search page.

2) Somehow access the prompt field in Peoplecode and enforce the default value over it.
Problem : Prompt tables are not a part of the running components hence we cannot write code on record searchinit/save.

How do we default this field value on the page?


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Re: Defaulting of prompt vales in PeopleSoft pages

I am not able to get exact requirement, but you can try Field Default PeopleCode or Page activiate PeopleCode to assign the value.