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Debug peoplecode

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guys tell me how dedug the people code program?

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Re: Debug peoplecode

2 ways to trace and debug your PeopleCode. You have Application Engine debug setup and/or PIA debug setup.
See the following post for how to trace application engine peoplecode. For PIA debug setup, all what you need to do is add ?cmd=login&trace=y to the end of your login url, pick your PeopleCode trace settings and that's it. You trace log will get created on the application server (please check w/ your PS admin for more assistance on how to get the file).

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Re: Debug peoplecode

For 8.9:

Navigate to the point prior to the code you want to trace.

Open a new window and navigate to PeopleTools >> Utilities >> Debug >> Trace PeopleCode.

Check the boxes of what trace level you want, and continue processing.

Check the server for the output of the trace.

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Re: Debug peoplecode

my personal preference in debugging peoplecode is to use function settracepc as needed. It helps avoid all the junk the trace otherwise would generate.