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date question in SQR

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Hi All,

I have date issues in the SQR AS Shown below
one value is AGE-LIMITSTUD=2009-03-03(birthdate+Age-limit)
and another one is (currentdate-30) 14-NOV-2009 .when i compare these two dates it is not working properly.
I can use Edit option which format i need to change these two dates two compare b'cause one is getting (2009-03-03 and another one is 14-NOV-2009 ) please help me on this.

Thanks in advance

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Guest (not verified)
Re: date question in SQR

Convert them to stings and compare strings.

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Radha (not verified)
Re: date question in SQR

Use the "edit" function to convert the date to the desired format and use the "strtodate" function to conver to date format before comparing.