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Data Conflict Issue-Any solution

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Hello Friend:
This is RD from One of my visitor had asked a question regarding data issue. I tried to help him from what I know. But this is some what an issue you might be able to help him.

Here is the issue:

"Trying to add a row for an employee . The employee is terminated say on 02/26/2008 but i want to add a rown 02/25/2008 , first time it gets added from page , doesnt save in the record. When trying to open the record for the same employee data conflict error happens the reason the data is not getting saved to the backend, how can we make sure the data is gettings aved to the database and data conflict error doesnt pop up"

Also the link to to the discussion in our blog:


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Re: Data Conflict Issue-Any solution

Hey RD, nice to see you on the forum!

Data conflict means data is already in the database. Not sure why is he saying it is not there! Have the user queried the database and confirmed data is not there. Look behind the code that is being fired to see what tables we are saving to. This also might be a workflow issue. Some data would need to be approved before commited to the database. I had a problem like this when trying to change employee name. Clicked save, the page saves but nothing in the database. After turing approval required off on this page, things worked the way I've thought it should.

If none of the above work, I would suggest running SQL trace when entering data and saving the page. This will be the quickest way of identifying the problem.

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RD (not verified)
Re: Data Conflict Issue-Any solution

Thank you friend. I have asked him to check your response. In case he has any more questions, he will will post it to this link.