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data archiving in peoplesoft

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I am trying out data archiving in peoplesoft 9.0.
Created a simple object(collection of records), a template to archive a table to a history table and assigned this template, a query which selects data from main table and puts into the history table.
Archiving of an object using a template is working.
Archiving of 2 objects using the same template is not working.
I am not able to assign the link record to the first object from the new object.
The record which was created for the 2nd object is not appearing in the dropdown, even after it has been added to the access tree.

If you know how to assign this link record, then please let me know.

Thanks in advance.....


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Re: data archiving in peoplesoft

Few things to check.
1) There should only be 1 record needs to be defined as BASE record in Manage Archive Object.
2) That base record will be the only link record.
3) and most important All the child records needs to have additional key in compare to Base record.