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component prebuild question

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in self service, I navigate Self Service >>> Degree Progress/Graduation >>> My Academic Requirements

there is no user interruption....but I need to insert into a table before the component pre-build is complete and the page is displayed.
I get no insert/updates allowed in prebuild. I tried to "call app engine".....but get "sql update occured...." error.

Is there a way that I can trick the prebuild.....OR....perform my select/insert PRIOR to the prebuild firing?

thanks for any suggestions.

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Re: component prebuild question

I think you cannot issue SQLs in PreBuild. Have you tried Page Activate?

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Re: component prebuild question

yes, I understand db updates are not allowed. the component has a few pages. the page to be displayed is dependent on the flow (reading the tbl I want to insert) of the comp prebuild pcode. lacking data in the tbl in question, the logic steers the user to a generic page within the component. I am now considering placing a pushbutton on that generic page where I'd perform the inserts.

But I'm still interested in other options. thanks.

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Re: component prebuild question

1) Have a CI - built for this purpose. On page activate, instantiate the CI, assign attributes and call CI's Save() method.
2) (Disgusting option) - create a local to local routing - send a message on page activate to local node. Subscribe and write code in the onNotify of subscription handler to perform the inserts.