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Component Interface Issue

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Would you like to help me in this regard?

There is an issue with Date format in filelayouts using App Engine program.

Here are the Details:
1)When we are using the the date format as DD/MM/YYYY the App engine (through CI) is running to success and data is loading into the Database.

Sample csv with valid date format : 011060K|03|ITA|S|N||RONAL|LEE|||||||||||||Y|||N|24/05/1985|||

2)When the date format is changed to MM/DD/YYYY and running through App engine is success, But the date field value is fetching null value, even though the value is given in the CSV file(Please see the sameple CSV file below) and the data is not updated in the database.

Sample csv with invalid date format : 011060K|03|ITA|S|N||RONAL|LEE|||||||||||||Y|||N|05/24/1985|||

Please let me know if you know the answer ASAP on this regard. thanks.



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Re: Component Interface Issue

You can user the %date() function and set the format of date in Input file array/record