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Component Interface error message while performing a MSS transaction like terminate an employee

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Need reason for the attached error message and provide details as to why the WORKFORCE_SYNC is failing.

SQL error. Stmt#:332 Error Position:0 Return: 8604 - [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2] SQL0913N Unsuccess

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Re: Component Interface error message while performing a MSS ...

I would try debugging the component interface from PeopleCode. To accomplish that you need to modify a delivered function. The function is located at FUNCLIB_CI.CI_EXCEPTIONS FieldFormula and is called ciCreateExceptionEntry

Right after the following code

If All(&MsgSetNbr, &MsgNbr) Then
&ExceptionRec.MSG_SEVERITY.Value = ciGetSeverity(&MsgSetNbr, &MsgNbr);

add this:

MessageBox(0, "", 0, 0, "Error Message: " | &ExceptionRec.MESSAGE_TEXT.Value);

Now when a CI is called and an error occurs you will get a messagebox on the screen indicating the error. Hopefully this will give you a more meaningful error.

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