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Component interface error

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I am using component interface to bulk upload the data(History Person). Running through Process Schedular showing the staus as Success. but in the Log file It show an error for name field.
Here is the Error.
++ Error : Error formatting field. {C1_BL_HISPER.NAME} (91,33)
checking error code
++ Error Saving Record :

I have Checked the validation code for the name.
&SplitPosition = Find(" ", &REC2.NAME_DISPLAY.Value);
&FirstName = Substring(&REC2.NAME_DISPLAY.Value, 1, &SplitPosition - 1);
&Name = &FirstName | ", " | Substring(&REC2.NAME_DISPLAY.Value, &SplitPosition, Len(&REC2.NAME_DISPLAY.Value));
&C1_HIS.NAME = &Name;

Please help if you have faced similar issue. Suggestion are appreciated


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Re: Component interface error

Hi Dude,

are u getting this error for all the records or a few are having this problem..
?? Please provide me details ..I may have some answer 4 u.

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Re: Component interface error

Did you get solution. I am getting same error when I am trying to insert new checklist code in person checklist.

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Re: Component interface error

hi dude,

could u please give those answers , as we are also facing the same problem while updating some of the rows.

Thanks in advance.