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Compare Project and Projectdefn

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I know that after a Compare projects between different databases (eg Compare between approval and production) to the project definition is inserted into the table PSPROJECTDEFN.

However I know that the project was not migrated but only its definition is there.

There any table where me says when project really is production or not?


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Re: Compare Project and Projectdefn

Run the following query in Production to check what objects under a project are present\migrated. Just pass the project name as input to this query and it will fetch all objects which are present in that project.
Hope this helps you :)

select pi.projectname,
(case when pi.objecttype=0 then 'Record'
when pi.objecttype=1 then 'Index'
when pi.objecttype=2 then 'Field'
when pi.objecttype=3 then 'Field Format'
when pi.objecttype=4 then 'Translate'
when pi.objecttype=5 then 'Page'
when pi.objecttype=6 then 'Menu'
when pi.objecttype=7 then 'Component'
when pi.objecttype=8 then 'Record PeopleCode'
when pi.objecttype=9 then 'Menu PeopleCode'
when pi.objecttype=10 then 'Query'
when pi.objecttype=11 then 'Tree Structures'
when pi.objecttype=12 then 'Trees'
when pi.objecttype=13 then 'Access Groups'
when pi.objecttype=14 then 'Colors'
when pi.objecttype=15 then 'Styles'
when pi.objecttype=17 then 'Business Process'
when pi.objecttype=18 then 'Activity'
when pi.objecttype=19 then 'Roles'
when pi.objecttype=20 then 'Process Definitions'
when pi.objecttype=21 then 'Server Definitions'
when pi.objecttype=22 then 'Process Type Definitions'
when pi.objecttype=23 then 'Job Definitions'
when pi.objecttype=24 then 'Recurrence Definitions'
when pi.objecttype=25 then 'Message Catalog Entry'
when pi.objecttype=29 then 'Business Interlink'
when pi.objecttype=30 then 'SQL'
when pi.objecttype=31 then 'File Layout Definitions'
when pi.objecttype=32 then 'Component Interface'
when pi.objecttype=33 then 'Application Engine Programs'
when pi.objecttype=34 then 'Application Engine Sections'
when pi.objecttype=35 then 'Message Nodes'
when pi.objecttype=36 then 'Message Channels'
when pi.objecttype=37 then 'Messages'
when pi.objecttype=38 then 'Approval Rule Sets'
when pi.objecttype=39 then 'Message PeopleCode'
when pi.objecttype=40 then 'Subscription PeopleCode'
when pi.objecttype=42 then 'Comp. Interface PeopleCode'
when pi.objecttype=43 then 'Application Engine PeopleCode'
when pi.objecttype=44 then 'Page PeopleCode'
when pi.objecttype=46 then 'Component PeopleCode'
when pi.objecttype=47 then 'Component Record PeopleCode'
when pi.objecttype=48 then 'Component Rec Fld PeopleCode'
when pi.objecttype=49 then 'Images'
when pi.objecttype=50 then 'Style Sheets'
when pi.objecttype=51 then 'HTML'
when pi.objecttype=53 then 'Permission Lists'
when pi.objecttype=54 then 'Portal Registry Definitions'
when pi.objecttype=55 then 'Portal Registry Structures'
when pi.objecttype=56 then 'URL Definitions'
when pi.objecttype=57 then 'Application Packages'
when pi.objecttype=58 then 'Application Package PeopleCode'
when pi.objecttype=60 then 'Analytic Types'
when pi.objecttype=61 then 'Archive Templates'
when pi.objecttype=62 then 'XSLT'
when pi.objecttype=64 then 'Mobile Pages'
when pi.objecttype=65 then 'Relationships'
when pi.objecttype=66 then 'CI Property PeopleCode'
when pi.objecttype=67 then 'Optimization Models'
when pi.objecttype=68 then 'File References'
when pi.objecttype=70 then 'Archive Object Definitions'
when pi.objecttype=71 then 'Archive Templates (Type 2)'
when pi.objecttype=72 then 'Diagnostic Plug-Ins'
when pi.objecttype=73 then 'Analytic Models'
when pi.objecttype=76 then 'WSRP Remote Producers'
when pi.objecttype=77 then 'WSRP Remote Portlets'
when pi.objecttype=78 then 'WSRP Cloned Portlet Handles'
else 'Unknown'
end) as "Object Type",
from sysadm.psprojectitem pi
where pi.projectname = '%' with ur;