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CI limiations question

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I understand, there are a few limitation on invoking a component thru a CI. Primarily:

1. Save edit/init are not called.
2. do modal do modal component are not called.
3. dosave/dosave now are also not called ?

Has any one worked to circumvent the above limitations ? If so , how was it accomplished.

For e.g. I believe, one could create a wrapper method to do it. Can someone share the implementation. For e.g. where will this method reside and how and when it will be called ?

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Re: CI limiations question

The limitation is when you write PeopleCode for a component interface. SearchInit, SearchSave, and RowSelect events will not fire also. DoSave() and DoSaveNow() are not called as CI uses the save() method instead, so they are not needed. I have not heard of a work around for these limitations. I don''t know how would you even want to do that? You should actually wrap the DoSave() and DoSaveNow() functions for components that have CIs so they don't get executed when called by them. You can uses %CompIntfcName function to accomplish that. The function will return the name of the component interface that is calling the Peoplecode, and it will return NULL if the code is not being called from a CI.

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