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CI geting ERROR while running

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(17100,118) - User not authorized for this Employee or Profile is Inactive or Invalid (17100,118)
(91,24) - Error loading Component Processor {TE_EXPENSE_SHEET_CI} (91,24)
Create failed (0,0) TM_EX_MSATAE.MAIN.GBL.default.1900-01-01.Step01.OnExecute PCPC:1800 Statement:32
This is the error I am getting While I execute the CI through AE.
Please help me out.

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Re: CI geting ERROR while running

This is due to the oprid is not having the access to the particular employee. Let say X is manager and doing transaction on the employee Y. If X has the employee Y under his population then only transaction can be done. May be this the reason for your error.


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Re: CI geting ERROR while running

Hi ,

Is this issue resolved?? Actually i am also facing same problem, please sugges