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CI Example

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I am newbie to CI. I am trying to understand how component interface peoplecde template used in record, component or Application Engine peoplecode. Please advise me where component interface peoplecde used in delivered definitions. I am using PS DMO HR 9.0 and PT - 8.49.

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Re: CI Example

Hi there,
I'm not an HR guy but I know of a place where a delivered CI is called from a component record field peoplecode. The component name is CI_PERSONAL_DATA, and the peoplecode is located at HR_PERSONAL_PHONE.GBL.HR_LINK_WRK.SAVE_PB.FieldChange.

You can navigate to Home > Employee Self Service > Personal Information > Phone Numbers. The component interface gets called when you click the Save button. I also think it gets called when you click the Delete button on the grid.

Good luck!

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Abhishek (not verified)
Re: CI Example

when i drag ci to peoplecode...its only coming the code for some log files.
can u please give some examples and snapshots that how to run ci through peoplecode.

and one more thing i want to load data from excel file to peoplesoft through ci.....after creating the ci...only through Excel To Ci.xcl we can load the data to peoplesoft...

But i want to RUN that CI from front end to load the data from my excel it possible...Please give some example and snapshots..


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Guest (not verified)
peoplesoft hrms

i am trying on peoplesoft hrms.i am having one year experience on peoplesoft hrms and functional documentation for peoplesoft projects.Any opening are there on peoplesoft hrms please mail me


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Sourav Pal (not verified)
Re: peoplesoft hrms

Hi Abhishek,

Let me tell you, ideally we use CI for repetitive work. Usually for your situation as per my Understanding, ideally will be to use a file layout to load the data into a staging record, then using an app engine, through a CI, we can load the data into required component.