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Check Email id on signin and if no email id then redirect to user profile page

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I am working in
PSHRMS 8.0,Peopletool 8.15V
My requirement is:
When the user logs in to the peoplesoft system, check for the email id in the user profile page. If there is no email id for that user,
1) system should redirect the user to the "User Profile" page instead of peoplesoft Main Home Page.
2) Pop up a message on the home page to instruct the user to navigate the User profile page to update email id.

I have written a code to check for email id in the singon Peoplecode.
System is checking for the email id value but unable to achieve the above mentioned result either 1 or 2.
Tried "transfer","domodal","Viewurl","transferpage" ,"message" options. Its not working.

Please help me on how to get this result.
Thanks in Advance

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Re: Check Email id on signin and if no email id then ...

In this record Peoplecode modify Function IScript_DrillDown() with your custom code. You can use %Response.RedirectURL(....) to redirect to a specific Menu/PanelGroup (not sure about page with panel group). You can use a global variable set in your signon Peoplecode to inspect in this function as your criteria to decide to redirect or not. This is only for Peopletools prior to 8.4x.