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Change a delivered error code

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Hi all,

I'm working with Tools Release 8.22.09, and Application Release HRMS Please don't laugh, we're trying to upgrade.

I'm in the delivered component for Direct Deposit, and I have a field in the record marked "Required", it's a drop down populated from xlat values, but instead of triggering the delivered error code when unselected:

Highlighted fields are required. (15,30)

It calls the error code:

Field is required: (124,64)

How can I change this to just call the delivered (15,30) error message? I really don't want to write code to force a custom error, I'd really rather just use what was delivered. I just can't figure out why it calls one and not the other.


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Re: Change a delivered error code

we are on PT 8.49 and the error I get for required fields is Filed is required (15,8) as in 8 not 30.

The is the delivered error when the "Required" check box is checked on the Record Field Properties edit tab. Is that how your field being enforced as required? If so, then you can't change that message. You will have to uncheck the box and write PC to enforce it as required with what ever error message you want.

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