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Can we create an AE to mass update Position - Jobcode data?

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I am to create an AE to mass load position data component for JObcode change. Here are my issues
1. User needs a runcontrol page to load the file from their local directory and the file needs to be read by our AE.
2. Position compoenent, calls another AE internally (Delivered) which loads the information in the Job page of the employee to which its attached. Whenever this errors out, my AE errors out and the log file is overwritten by the delivered AE log file and my AE runs to NO SUCCESS. I do not want my AE to run to NO SUCCESS and if their is issue with the Employee ID, my log file should not get overwritten, instead, i want the file to be appended with the new message.
3. If the employee is not loading, then i want the Position page also to stop loading the position changes

Does anyone have answers for these?