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Can anybody explain us the Difference between AE, CI And Integration Broker?

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Can anybody explain us the Difference between AE, CI And Integration Broker?

Thanks in Advance,

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Re: Can anybody explain us the Difference between AE, CI

AE: PeopleSoft Application Engine is a PeopleTool designed to help you develop background SQL processing
programs. This tool is intended to be used by developers with knowledge of SQL, SQL tools and PeopleTools.
PeopleSoft Application Engine offers you an alternative to writing COBOL, or SQR programs for background
SQL processing.

Component Interface: A component interface is a PeopleSoft PeopleTools definition that you create in Application Designer. It enables synchronous access to a PeopleSoft component from another application.

Integration Broker: PeopleSoft Integration Broker facilitates exposing PeopleSoft business logic as services and consuming external web services for PeopleSoft applications to invoke. PeopleSoft Integration Broker also supports
synchronous and asynchronous messaging with other PeopleSoft applications and with third-party systems.
PeopleSoft Integration Broker uses a variety of communication protocols, while managing message structure,
message content, and transport disparities.

There is a separate peoplebook on each one of the topics above, you can find lots of useful information there.

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