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ANy way to limit the # of Grid rows loaded initially WITHOUT modifying the criteria?

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Hi all. So I have an issue with this page I'm working on. It is the 3rd page of a 3-page component. It has some header fields at the top, and then a level 1 grid of up to 25 rows of detail-level data displayed.

My issue is that, given the criteria which fills this grid, the amount of rows that come back for a given user can be significantly large--enough that it can drag down response time noticably.

**I cannot change the ScrollSelect criteria.** But I would like to find a way to only load x rows (ideally 25--a pagefull) at a time. But I'm not sure if there is a PS option or command to do this. I'd prefer not to have to write a ton of code if I can get the same functionality with just a grid properties or page option change.

Any ideas?


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Re: ANy way to limit the # of Grid rows loaded initially ...

Take a look at StopFetching function that will cause the Component Processor to accept the current row of data, and then stop reading additional rows.

Also this post might help

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