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Alias Name in %Selectall

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Will I be able to use an Alias name while using the Meta-SQL %Selectall
as shown below ?

&SQL1 = CreateSQL("%Selectall(:1 F) where F.FIELD1 <> ' ' and F.STATUS = 'A' and not exists (select 'X' from PS_RECORD1 A where A.EMPLID = F.EMPLID and A.EMPL_STATUS = 'A')", &Record2);

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Re: Alias Name in %Selectall

hmm, I never tried it before. I think it should work BUT you seem to be missing a ",". I was expecting your %Selectall(:1 F) to be %Selectall(:1 , F) (notice the comma i've added. Try that and let us know.

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