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AE PeopleCode FileLayout

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I am using the automatic AE Peoplecode generated with File Layout. I need to add a function to check the Date field because the layout is expecting MM/DD/YYYY but sometimes, the date is M/D/YYYY.

In the ImportSegment fuction, after statement "If (EditRecord(&REC2)) Then"

I added the following:

Evaluate &REC2.GetField(&I).Type
When = "DATE"
If &REC2.GetField(&I).Name = "COVERAGE_BEGIN_DT" Then
MessageBox(0, "", 0, 0, " **** Field Type = " | &REC2.GetField(&I).Name | "**** ");
&date1 = split_date(RTrim(LTrim(&REC2.COVERAGE_BEGIN_DT.Value)));
&REC2.COVERAGE_BEGIN_DT.Value = &date1;

But it's executing it at all...any suggestions on different approach?