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Vouchers not being picked up by PayCycle

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I have a custom process that creates single payment vouchers from a csv file. The load to the voucher staging tables ( PS_VCHR_HDR_STG, PS_VCHR_LINE_STG, PS_VCHR_DIST_STG, PS_VCHR_VNDR_STG) load with no problem. When the PayCycle Selection Criteria is ran it doesn't pick up any of the records.

I have verified the following:

The bank information is correct
Vendor not on payment hold
Voucher not on hold or inactive
Voucher is approved

So just troubleshooting I changed the payment information on one voucher and saved it, then changed it back and saved it again...ran paycycle process and it returned the 1 voucher.

So it's missing some key information but not sure what just yet. I will do a trace but want to see if there were known issues.


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Re: Vouchers not being picked up by PayCycle

Didn't get any responses but the solution was to make sure the VCHR_BANK_STG was loaded with the key information - VCHR_BLD_KEY_C1, VCHR_BLD_KEY_C2, VCHR_BLD_KEY_N1, that VCHR_VNDR_BANK is loaded when the voucher build process runs.