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Voucher upload

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I need to upload vouchers of all kind in peoplesoft db but my delivered xml option doesnot work and need to have some patches applied. So we are planning to go for another customized option of creating a new CI and loading the voucher data into the staging tables of Vouchers so that by running the voucher build process we can upload the voucher data.

Has anyone worked on this earlier. any useful info would be great.


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Re: Voucher upload

I've worked on a batch project to load vouchers from flat files into PeopleSoft AP Staging tables and then run voucher build to edit and create the vouchers. It is quite a big effort. In short, we cloned the delivered staging tables (header, line, distib, and payment) and used them as temp tables to load data from a flat file. We then perform our "pre-edits" on that data and if it passes we then move the data over to the delivered staging tables and fire up voucher build to create the vouchers.

The custom process is quite complex but the above flow is a quick snap shoot of what out custom laod process does.

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