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Unable to find a page in Structure and Content

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I have an issue in which I'm not able to find the page in Structure and Content and thus not able to find the role for the page.
Navigation:AR> Receivable Updtaes>Archive Receivables> Reset Process> Process Reset

The Structure and Content is showing upto Archive Receivables.
"Reset Process" page is missing under Archive Receivables
I also looked the Folder security of "Archive receivables"and all looks good to me.

This page is used to Reset the Payment Predictor online and I have found the navigation of this page from Peoplebooks.

-We are using Peoplesoft 9.1, People tools 8.50.2 version.

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Re: Unable to find a page in Structure and Content

If you know the component name then query the record PSPRSMDEFN where portal_uri_seg2=.

If you know only the link name then query the above record with Label_name like %%. Try to find whether a row of data is there in the DB. If you are using finance through PeopleSoft portal then you have run these sqls in Portal DB.