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Tables involved in Removing a User ID

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I need to find out all the tables that will be affected when a deletion of User ID happens in peoplesoft
I know there are 2 ways these are done in Peoplesoft
1. Via Security - Delete user profiles
2. Via Security - Purge inactive user profiles
(The second, involves a AE and we can find the related tables there)
I have also planned to do a "find definition referrnece" for the file - OPRID in app designer.
Are there any other ways in which we can find the tables.
If someone could help me with list of tables involved also, it would help me a lot.

Thank you

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Re: Tables involved in Removing a User ID

turn on the trace when you delete user profile that way you can find out all tables.
Just finding definition references for OPRID is not gonna help as there are other fields like ROLEUSER etc.

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Re: Tables involved in Removing a User ID

I used trace to get all tables involved in creating a user profile before so yes, Ashar is spot on. I'm no longer at work so I will try to find the list of tables IF i still have them!

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