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Query Manager Multi-Ethnicity Expression - Local Variable as Counter

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Hello. I have just started using Case When Expressions in Query Manager, and I am trying to write an expression to assign a single "Final Ethnicity" to each student. Student ethnicity data is stored in a table with 1 row for each ethnicity. A student who reported 1 ethnicity will have one row of data. A student who reported asian, pacific, and white will have 3 rows of data. Final Ethnicity definition rules: 1) any student who reported Hispanic, is Hispanic, 2) any student who only reported one ethnicity is that ethnicity, 3) any non-hispanic student who reported several ethnicity's is "Multi-Race". When Final Ethnicity rules were written in a different reporting tool, a Multi-Ethnicity counter variable was used. Does PSoft Query Manager even allow for initialization of a variable within an Expression or is this task beyond the capabilities of Query Manager expressions?

Any guidance will be appreciated. Thank you.

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