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Psoft Finance... (AP, PO)

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I am new to psoft finance module (from HR, payroll). Now i have to handle AP and PO modules in finance. Is there any quick referency doc which contain the records and data flow in psoft finance.

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Re: Psoft Finance... (AP, PO)

Business Process of AP:
1) Create a voucher (APVCHRBLD).
2) Approve Voucher.
3) Match Voucher (AP_MATCHING).
4) Post the voucher (AP_PSTVCHR).
3) Create payment for Voucher.
4) Post payment.
PS_VOUCHER: AP voucher header table.
PS_VOUCHER_LINE: AP voucher line.
PS_DISTRIB_LINE: Voucher distribution table.
PS_PAYMENT_TBL: AP disbursements table.
Pymnt_Vchr_Xref: Voucher Scheduled Payment.
PS_RT_RATE_TBL: Market Rate Data Tale. There is also the market rate default view RT_DFLT_VW.
PS_VCHR_ACCTG_LINE: AP accounting entries.

PO Process:

1.Create the requisition in one of two ways:
•Use the online requisition pages.
•Use the Purchasing Requisition Loader process, which loads requisitions from external sources and PeopleSoft Inventory, PeopleSoft Order Management, PeopleSoft Project Costing, PeopleSoft Maintenance Management, and PeopleSoft Product Configurator (if these applications are installed with PeopleSoft Purchasing).
2.Approve the requisition.
The requisitions can require approval of amounts and ChartFields, or you can configure the users with authority to enter requisitions that require no additional approvals.
3.Run the Commitment Control Budget Processor Application Engine process (FS_BP), if you've enabled the Commitment Control feature.
This process determines whether funds exist to cover the cost of the requisition. You can also run this process as a background process.
4.Copy request for quote (RFQ) or strategic sourcing events.
Copy the requisition into an RFQ or strategic sourcing event for the bidding process.
5.Source the requisition to purchase orders or inventory demand.
After you approve the requisition, it is sourced into purchase orders through online sourcing pages or background processes. You can source the requisition to PeopleSoft Inventory through the Build Inventory Demand process (PO_REQINVS). You can also copy the requisition directly into a purchase order using the online pages.
6.Run the Requisition Reconciliation process (PO_REQRCON) to close qualifying requisitions.

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Re: Psoft Finance... (AP, PO)

really that was good work