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PeopleSoft Security 8.8

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We requirement in PS 8.8 regarding Data Security.

We have multiple companies present in an Organization. So, we need to filter the job data based on a company for a log in user.

Suppose if any employee worked for comp's A1 & A2 (we dont have bussiness units created in PS).

if any A1 comp empl login to PS, if he look into th job data he can see only A1 comp related rows for the particular empl.
(i..e. hide the A2 rows).

So this kind of security we need implement globally not for each component (i..e with out using peoplecode).

Any idea's.. suggestions ?



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Re: PeopleSoft Security 8.8

You can use Row Level Security based on Dept Security Tree or security by permission list if you don't/can't use Dept Security Tree. In 8.4x or later you can see the setup pages for this in Set Up HRMS/Security by Dept Tree and Set Up HRMS/Security by Permission List. This is not a trivial task setting up security properly for Job. I highly recommend you hire a consultant to setup this type of security for you and learn from them. It will be well worth the money. I am not a consultant so I am not plugging consultants but my company hired a consultant to help with setup of our security and it was the best option and well worth it.

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Re: PeopleSoft Security 8.8

You can over ride the search record with a view. You can setup the criteria inside the views respective to the company name.


try for different job data link with different search record