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Peoplesoft Finance

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I am new to Peoplesoft Finance.
I want to know the how data will flow into General ledger.
i.e from AR to GL, AP to GL.
please help me regarding that if it possible give me the Imp table names for each Module.

Kiran Kumar

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Re: Peoplesoft Finance

Hi Kiran,
PO Tables:


Staging tables:

General Ledger Tables
PS_LEDGER: The general ledger data table.
PS_JRNL_HEADER: Stores general ledger journal header data.
PS_JRNL_LN: Stores general ledger journal line data.
ps_combo_rule_tbl: Stores ChartField combination rules.
ps_combo_group_tbl: Stores ChartField combination groups.
ps_combo_data_tbl: ChartField Combo data table.
ps_bu_led_comb_tbl: Business Unit CharField Combos for Ledger.
PS_GL_ACCOUNT_TBL: GL Accounts table.
Accounts Payable/Voucher Tables
PS_GRP_AP: Stores AP control groups.
PS_VOUCHER: AP voucher header table.
PS_VOUCHER_LINE: AP voucher line.
PS_DISTRIB_LINE: Voucher distribution table.
PS_PAYMENT_TBL: AP disbursements table.
pymnt_vchr_xref: Voucher Scheduled Payment.
PS_RT_RATE_TBL : Market Rate Data Tale. There is also the market rate default view RT_DFLT_VW.
PS_VCHR_ACCTG_LINE: AP accounting entries.
Voucher Build Staging Tables
ps_bu_dfhi_opt_vw: Used by voucher build for the defaulting process.
VAT (Value Added Tax) Tables
PS_TAX_CD: Stores VAT Tax codes.
PS_TAX_AUTHORITY: Stores VAT Tax codes percentage rates.
Vendor Tables
VENDOR: Stores vendor related information.
VENDOR_ADDR: Vendor address related info.
VENDOR_LOC: Vendor locations.
VENDOR_PAY: Payment processing specifications such as payment method, payment handling code, bank code and so forth.
VNDR_ADDR_SCROL: Index to address table.
VNDR_CNTCT_SCR: Index to contact table.
VNDR_LOC_SCROL: Index to location table.
VENDOR_ID_NBRS: Additional ID numbers (Dun & Bradstreet numbers).
VENDOR_ADDR_PHN: Vendor phone numbers.
VENDOR_CNTCT: Vendor contacts.
VENDOR_CONVER: Vendor converstaions.
VENDOR_INVOICE: Stores vendor invoice related flags.
VENDOR_TYPE: Vendor type codes.
VNDR_BANK_ACCT: Vendor electronic payment information.
VNDR_CNTCT_PHN: Vendor contact phone numbers.
VNDR_IND_CLASS: Vendor Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes.
VNDR_URL: Vendor website address.
VNDR_VAT_RGSTRN: Vendor VAT information.
VENDOR_WTHD: Witholding data.
VENDOR_WTHD_JUR: Witholding type.