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Pay calendar Setup

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Does anybody have a document on how to set up the pay calendar ?
Can somebody help me guiding the process?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Pay calendar Setup

First u need to create a Period using "Periods" component under Global payroll--> Payroll and Absence management--> Define Calendars--> Periods. In this u need to give the start and end dates and the frequency of the period.

Next u can create a Pay calendar for a Pay group in the "Calendars" component under the same folder as for "Periods" component. Also u should choose a period and the Runtype, target calendar on that "Calendars" component.

Hope this helps you.

Mutyala Rao Aripaka

Mutyala Rao

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Re: Pay calendar Setup

I have 15 payGroups 15X26 Pay Periods this is 390 entries. To mach. Did somebody have some tools (SQR, AE ect.) to do the process automated?