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Information required on Peoplesoft SCM tables

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Hello PSFT Gurus,

I am looking out for the peoplesoft Supply Chain Management (SCM) tables.
My question is - do we have any weblink/document or a good book providing information on module-wise PSFT tables?
I will elaborate my problem-
For example - I am looking at Purchase Order page of PSFT SCM module. I want to know- which Peoplesoft table stores information written on Create Purchase Order Page in peoplesoft.
Specifically I am also looking at tables storing configuration/set up for Peoplesoft Supply Chain Management (SCM) module.

~Ambarish Vaidya, Chartered Accountant

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Re: Information required on Peoplesoft SCM tables

PS_PO_HDR ---PO header detail
PS_PO_LINE ---Po line details
PS_PO_LINE_DISTRIB ---PO line distribution details
PS_VENDOR---Vendor details.
PS_PERSONAL_DATA ---Personal data details
PS_IF_WFLOW_PO---PO work flow details
PS_PO_LINE_SHIP---PO ship details.
PS_PO_RECV_LN_VW---when PO received then its details
PS_VCHR_LN_PO_VW---when we create voucher of PO

PS_RECV_HDR---Receiver header table