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Convertion of bank file to PSBD format

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Hi Iam working on converstion of bank file to PSBD format. I wrote a custom SQR to convert the file. But its still showing wrong format. I checked with the file layout also.

Did anybody worked on this before. If so can you please send me the SQR for this conversion process/.

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Re: Convertion of bank file to PSBD format

I would use an application engine instead of an SQR to do that. Transforming bank statements from a file that the bank provides, such as a BAI file, into the PeopleSoft Business Document layout (PSBD) should be straight forward once you know the layout that PS requires it to be in.

The layout could be find PeopleSoft Enterprise Banks Setup and Processing 9.0 PeopleBook, Chapter 8 (Setting Up the Bank Statement Import Process). You would want to look at section "Transforming Bank Statement Files to a PSBD Layout" to get the file layout PS will be looking for.

Good luck!

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