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AR/BI functional overview needed (High level)

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Hi all! I've got an intereview on Monday for a Perm position supporting AR/BI at my current client. Slight issue--I've never done anything supporting AR/BI before. I've spent the past 4 years supporting Project Costing and Financials data validation tables. Prior to that I had 8+ years supporting various aspects of HR/Ben.

It's a technical position and I'm fine w/ regard the to technical (Tools-related) aspects of the job. What I could really used is a high-level overview of the AR/BI functionality. Something a little more in depth than Accounts Receivable tracks who owes us $$ and Billing is the process by which we get it, yet still easy enough to grasp in time for the interview.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Re: AR/BI functional overview needed (High level)

You can use the below link for any financials end-to end flow....