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Abs Mgmt: How can Abs rule pro-rate contractor's last month's entitlement (need help urgently)

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Greeting all Absence Gurus,

I have my contract annual lv with accumulator reset every anniversary date.
And entitlement is in accrual basis (every month earn portion of the leave)

Full year entitlement= 14
Employee join 16 Jan 2010, contract end 15 Jan 2011

when i forecast as of "12/31/2010"
Earned entitlement: 13.429 ==> 350/365 x 14 (correct)
Accumulator period: 01/16/2010 to 01/15/2011 (correct)

When i forecast as of "01/10/2011"
Earned entitlement: 0.614 ==> 16/365 x 14___________ 16 days is from 15 to 31 Jan (wrong)
Accumulator period: 01/16/2011 to 01/15/2012 (wrong)

But what the employee trying to do, is to know before contract end, how many days he earned, taken and balance. He is trying to finish his balance before contract end. So,
His interested period should be
01/16/2010 to 01/15/2011
01/16/2011 to 01/15/2012

But from the forecast i know, it always pick the last day of the processing month.
Is there any workaround in forecasting page? Or any setup i missed up?
It's kinda urgent, hope someone can input

Thanks a lots!