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JoB Process

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Hello All
we are using Job process to send the data on daily basis.
Their are A process and Bprocess(Italy Market). B Process run only when A Process run successfully. Now new C(German market) and D(France market) process are introduced into these process. We want a generic solution for B,C,D Process when A process run successfully.

We have one solution to write a SQR when ever the A process run success. I want a solution apart from the SQR and is there any peoplesoft delivery Functionality/Solution exist.

Please suggest on this issue ASAP. Your Suggest is Appreciated. Thanks

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Re: JoB Process

I'm confused here. what is the problem putting all processes (A,B,C, and D) in one job process? This way, when A goes to success, B fires next, then C then D. What am I missing?

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Re: JoB Process

To my understanding.. U want to run B,C,D processes independent of each other, once A has been successful.

To achieve this , create a Job X which runs B,C,D in parallel.

Now create one more job Y which will run process A and Job X in serial.

Mail me if you need more clarification