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How to use Multinational Language code in SQR?

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Hi Everybody,

How to use multinational language code in SQR? for example India is sending an invoice to France, German, swiss etc., so my invoice report should to be based on that countries language, for example France invoice report should to contain a France language, German invoice report should to contain a German language and so on... so anyone can help on this..... if possible anyone can send a sample code on this...

Thanks a ton in advance for all your help.

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Re: How to use Multinational Language code in SQR?

I have never had to do this, but there is a book called Manning SQR in PeopleSoft and Other Applications that touches a little bit on this in chapter 21. It talks about how to alter the $sqr-locale variable "Alter-Locale Locale = 'French' to switch between languages to help with date, and currency printing. Do you have the book available in your organization some where?

Have you looked at sqrtrans.sqc? This SQC file contains the procedures that will allow SQR reports to be generated for different languages! There are quite a few delivered PeopleSoft SQRs that uses that sqc for translation purposes (BEN045.SQR for example). The programs calls procedure Init_Report_Translation($ReportID, $Language_Cd) in the sqc.

Sorry don't have a sample code but hope this puts you in a good position to start with.

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