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Update statement to change SSN(Social Security Number) no in PeopleSoft:

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Hi Folks,

Can anybody help me what will be the update statement for SSN no format change.I am giving you the example in below:
Existing SSN in PeopleSoft--- 830-75-6027.

SSN should be updated to 000-75-6027.

kindly help me to write the update statement on it.
Table name: PS_PERS_NID

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Update statement to change SSN(Social Security Number) ...

Are you sure you want to do such an update? This will completely over ride the # and not just mask it!

Anyway, you can use replace and substr oracle functions to do that.

Example to illustrate this:
SELECT REPLACE ('830-75-6027', SUBSTR ('830-75-6027', 1, 4), '000-')

The actual update will look something like this:
UPDATE ps_pers_nid
SET ssn_field=
REPLACE (ssn_field, SUBSTR (ssn_field, 1, 4), '000-');

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