PeopleSoft Data Integrity Error (124,85)

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Today, I had my first 'Data Integrity Error (124,85)' in PeopleSoft.

It occured while I was trying to run a QA external check on the careers page for my client. I was not the only consultant who received this error - one of the others who I work alongside received the same error.

I researched the error, the supervisor opened a service request ticket, and it was resolved earlier today, but I am still curious as to what caused the error..

It makes me wonder about the quality/ source of the errors I work on in this database - some are clearly liked to administrative privileges, some are linked to missing fields of data - but others, like the (124,85), are mysterious in origin.

I realize that I am a small piece in a huge puzzle, but does resolving these errors contribute significantly to the greater picture of the project?

Please try to help out with unanswered topics on the forum. Chances are you have had the same issue/question some time in your IT career!


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Re: PeopleSoft Data Integrity Error (124,85)

Peoplesoft data Integrity Error occurs when a user is making some transaction in a page at the same time some other consultants may change the design of the page through application designer. Even a single dot of change will results to the error. Whenever the changes in application designer's page the system will try to connect through the 2 tier mode to update the changes in PIA.