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Compare Report Query for PeopleTools 8.12 or 8.19

In older version of PeopleTools like 8.12, there is only option to save the Compare Report file and i.e. '.prt' format.
For viewing '.prt' files, it needs separate viewer or editor.
Inorder to save the Compare Reports run in PT 8.12 in .xls or .csv format, follow below steps

1> Run Compare Reports normally from App Desinger by Navigating to Tools --> Upgrade --> Compare/Report. Enter the Target environment Name and Password.

Query to Retrieve all Records under a Specific Component

Following is the query that can be useful to find out all records under a specified component. All it requires is the component name, and type of record you want to check For example pass value as "0" to retrieve only record type as 'Table' under specified component

FROM psrecdefn
WHERE recname IN
FROM pspnlfield
WHERE pnlname IN
(SELECT DISTINCT (b.pnlname)
 FROM pspnlgroup a, pspnlfield b
WHERE (   a.pnlname = b.pnlname OR a.pnlname =b.subpnlname)